Brands4kids A/S works sustainably. We work to ensure the right working conditions and require that both our partners and suppliers follow our code of conduct. To read more click here HERE

In relation to the environment, we work with organic cotton, bamboo and other environmentally friendly qualities. We offer a range of products that are GOTS certified, which is the highest achievable global environmental certification. Learn more about GOTS below. Furthermore, we test and ensure that our clothes do not contain harmful chemicals according to the REACH standard.

It is important to Brands4kids A/S that the children's wear we produce are of a high quality so that they have a longer life span and so that the children's clothes can be reused and help reduce overconsumption.

We are constantly striving to become more sustainable. That is why we are constantly working on developing our range of sustainable products to enable us to offer our customers a large and wide range while also doing something good for the environment.

For these reasons, we have made it easy for you, who wishes to learn more about the various certificates and qualities and for you who wishes to act sustainably. Below, we explain the certificates obtained by our children's clothes and with which we work. Below each certification, we provide links to the products that carry the specific certification.


In our Brands4kids-shop, you will find clothes that are OEKO-TEX® standard 100-certified.

The OEKO-TEX® standard 100-certification is the world-leading certification in textiles, that have been tested for substances that are harmful to our health and the environment. With this certification of our products, we guarantee that your child avoids harmful substances as the products have been tested and approved based on the requirements of the international OEKO-TEX® Association. By way of example, these include requirements for the contents of chemical substances which are suspected to be harmful to health and environment.

For example, on a baby suit, the fabric, the thread, the zips and the ribbons could be tested.

Only products meeting these requirements may be marked OEKO-TEX® standard 100.

In our web shop, you can see from the product description to the right whether the item is OEKO-TEX® standard 100-certified. You will also find the mark on the clothes.

See our OEKO-TEX® standard 100-certified products HERE

Learn more about OEKO-TEX®


Do you want children's clothes in which ecology and sustainability are paramount? Then look for the green GOTS logo on the children's clothes. GOTS stands for "Global Organic Textile Standard" and is designed to ensure internationally recognised and high-quality criteria in organic textile production. With its stringent requirements, the GOTS certification ensures that the entire process is socially and environmentally sound, right from the harvesting of fibres in agriculture to the manufacturing of children's clothes at the factories and until you, as the consumer, hold the product in your hand.

Today, GOTS is the internationally leading ecological certification mark within the textile industry and within retailers. That is why we protect you with the GOTS logo on our children's clothes, a quality assurance at the highest level.

If you see the green GOTS logo on the clothes, this is your guarantee that it is an organically produced product.

See our GOTS certified products HERE

Learn more about GOTS


When the product is marked as organic cotton, this means that, to protect the environment, the cotton has been grown on fields without the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers.

See our organic products HERE


There are many good features and sustainable benefits when using bamboo viscose in clothes as it is a strong, soft and breathable material that provides good quality and comfort.

Bamboo is a sustainable material because of its rapid growth and because it requires only CO2. Bamboo fibres in textiles provide a very soft material that is extra comfortable to wear close to the skin while also being anti-bacterial.

Bamboo viscose is good for regulating body temperature, by being absorbing and transporting sweat which is also why bamboo viscose is used in much of our wool range.

See products with bamboo viscose HERE


When buying outerwear, a high quality is important as well as it being suitable for different weather conditions. Since children often play outdoors for several hours at a time, it is important that they do not get wet and cold. A coating and impregnation is used to make the outerwear waterproof or water resistant.

BIONIC FINISH ® ECO, is a recognised symbol, signifying that the impregnation is organic and, thus, does not contain harmful substances and is free of fluorides. With BIONIC FINISH ® ECO a high quality is retained as it can be washed up to 20 times without the surface treatment being affected

Breathability is not affected by the treatment and makes it easy for the child to breathe through the clothes.

Learn more about BIONIC FINISH ® ECO HERE

Look for BIONIC FINISH ® ECO on the outerwear as your guarantee that they have been treated without the use of harmful substances.

See our products marked with BIONIC FINISH ® ECO HERE


Brands4kids A/S is a Danish children’s wear company based in Ikast.

Brands4kids A/S owns the 8 children’s wear brands; CeLaVi, Creamie, Minymo, Color Kids, Pippi Babywear, En Fant and Fixoni.

At Brands4kids A/S we specialize in the categories; Basic, fashion and outdoor to the target group; girls and boys aged 0-14 years.

We make high quality children''''s wear. We constantly develop our concepts and assortments, in order to be able to offer products that inspire and surprise children and parents positively. This is done with constant focus on the environment, consumer wishes and future trends.

We are happy to set the standard for future children''''s wear.